Structuring Promotional Copy

I recently worked with Iver Therapy on some promotional materials and I thought they were an excellent demonstration of the importance of getting the right content and design to ensure you connect with as many potential customers as possible. The piece of work in this example is a flyer design to promote Iver Therapy’s hypnotherapy service to help people quit smoking permanently.

When you are designing marketing materials it helps to think about all the stages a potential customer goes through when they react to promotional materials and how you can encourage them to take the next step towards becoming a customer. Obviously, getting something like this right is an art and not a science but the key tenet of understanding the stages a customer goes through will apply to creating most printed materials.

Skimming Over

Given the high proportion of promotional leaflets its vital to have that will attract the attention of your potential customers.  You need a good graphic that’s going to connect with them and tell them what you are selling and why they should buy it straight away. Quitting smoking is a fairly straight-forward example as the social connotations of that cigarette butt are already made in people’s minds. The job of picking the right image is lot more complicated when your audience doesn’t  have pre-existing ideas about the concept you are portraying but get it right and it will make all the difference.

The First Glance

So now you have the customer’s attention – but not for long unless you back it up with some short, specific language about why the customer should care about your message. Iver Therapy’s selling point here is that their hypnotherapy helps people to quit permanently, not just temporarily. The four word slogan ‘Quit Smoking for Good’ uses tone and language to emphasise both the permanence and positive nature of giving up with them. Their selling point is made in four words and will resonate with anyone who has struggled to give up before.

The Skim Down

So now that your customer is intrigued enough to read a little more you need to give them just enough information. Too much copy and none of it will get read but you need enough to make your case. However little you text you include, what is there may only get skimmed by readers. Try to put your key points first where they are most memorable. Keep to one point per sentence so that points are distinct in the reader’s mind. Bullet points lists are a great way delivering key points because:

  • People’s reading naturally gravitates towards bullet points giving emphasis to your key points
  • Their physical segregation helps you deliver key points distinctly
  • Points in lists are more memorable than sentences in a paragraph

As an additional aid we have printed the key words from each bullet point in green to highlight the key to each point. It took some rewriting to get this to work but it ensures that even a cursory glance of the text will show up the key words.

Call To Action!

Ultimately every piece of promotional material should be looking for a customer to do something. Whether it be calling, quitting, voting, buying or thinking about a viewpoint there should be some action you’re asking the person reading to perform. A clear statement of action should give them the next step. This will usually be to direct them to contact you via your telephone number and website.

If you would like more information on how your business could benefit from working with eSlice on printed, web-based or other marketing materials or you would like to know more about our other services then please contact us today.


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