Six Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Having a blog in addition to (and linked to) your website has some distinct advantages over just having a website. By understanding the potential advantages of business blogging you can better plan how to exploit it as a medium. Here are some of the benefits you could look to gain with your own blog:

Personality Makes All The Difference

For most businesses the content on your website needs to be clear, concise language and sound professional. However, a more conversational tone is acceptable in a blog. By combining the two you can display personality without sacrificing professionalism. Blog posts can be authored by different employees to expose their individual areas of expertise. Again this exposes personality and builds customers affinity to your staff.

Start A Conversation

If you build an active readership on your blog you can also learn from your readers. Most blogs allows comments to be added after an article. This feedback from your peers and customers can be invaluable. Even without allowing comments analytics can show which articles garners lots interest and which your customers largely ignore.

Keeping Currency

Having regularly updated content shows your business is current. Currency helps build trust with potential customers and increases how professional you look as an organisation. Additionally, search engines love fresh content. By placing a news feed from your blog onto your homepage (like we at eSlice and some of our customers do) your website can see a lift in search rankings.

Be The Early Bird

Most blogging software is simple to use. Your blog empowers you to create updates to your website yourself. The cost and time of engaging a web-designer to create updates is negated. Your web presence becomes agile allowing you to capitalise on events and oppertunities as they occur. Whatever the health scare, freak weather, celebrity obcession or latest craze in the news is, you can link your existing products and services to them. Your customers will find more relevance in your web content potentially increasing engagement, time spent on your website and ultimately sales.

Depth of Information

A website that covers everything that your company does in great detail will quickly become unwieldy. Conversely, a blog can sit outside the structure of your website. You can dip into topics in as much depth as you feel appropraite without damaging the usablility of your website. From testimonials, to technological advancements, to new offerings, to spot-lighting particular strengths of your company. All these things can help you make a case for your business.

Archive of advice

If a question crops up often, make it a blog post. If you come up with a great piece of work, make it a blog post. If the same advice is regularly used to overcome objections to sales, make it a blog post. You can save time by having a central resource of model answers to link to rather than constantly re-writing them. That advice will also carry more weight as your published result than it will sent as an email to a single customer.


Done correctly a business blog can be a useful tool to connect with customers. By understanding who your audience is and creating blog articles they find intersting or useful you can build stronger connection to potential customers. If you would like help setting up a business blog then please contact eSlice today.


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