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Mobile and Desktop Browser VariationsPercussionist and music producer Patrick Dawes recently commissioned eSlice to create his website. Patrick is involved with a variety of different acts so he wanted a clean and simple design that could house the imagery for all those acts without looking over-crowded.

Text ShadowingAchieving an uncluttered design meant avoiding patterns or overt graphic elements. Without these elements it was important to employ a few simple tricks that give the text a little extra visual interest. The combination of a highlight and a lowlight on opposite sides of the text gives it a subtly embossed look. The effect is so slight you won’t consciously see it but it’s just enough to trick your brain into thinking the characters have depth. Other than being aesthetically pleasing this also gives the titles and page links more prominence on the page. An attractive and functional trick of the eye.

Hovering the cursor over the inviting ‘Listen Now’ box creates a simple animation as the list of available sample tracks unfolds. This simple animation draws users in and encourages them to click and listen. This intuitive system works well with a mouse. However the rise of the smart phone means that users visiting the web from mobile devices always have to be considered. Without a mouse hovering is impossible. To fix this potential issue the website automatically detects smartphone visitors and displays the ‘Listen Now’ box already opened for them. Subtle, Infrequent variations like these help keep both a consistent image and a usable website despite platform variations.

There are lots little touches in the design that make the website look good but the most important thing was Patrick’s verdict on the work:

“eSlice do great work. They really listen to your requirements. By adding these to their own expert knowledge, you end with a result better than you imagined.”

It’s always great to hear our customers are pleased with the results. If you’d like to work with an expert web designer that puts you at the centre of the design process then contact eSlice today.


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